Meet the provocative spirit of the burger world!

Carl's Jr. from California, which has been the representative of the “original burger” taste since 1941 with its first-class burgers and premium service quality, the founders Carl N. Karcher and his wife Margaret received 311 dollars by giving their cars as collateral, and they added 15 dollars in their pockets and added a new one. born with the purchase of a hot dog cart. Thanks to the growing business in a short time, Carl's drive-in BBQ opened even 5 years ago and now there is a variety of burgers on the menu. Today, Carl's Jr., serving in 33 countries in 10,000 different locations around the world. It introduces Turkey to real burgers.

Turkey's First Fast-Casual Burger flavor!

Carl's Jr. offers burger lovers a Fast-Casual experience that they cannot taste anywhere else, with hearty-sized delicious premium burgers, unlimited drinks that you can refill whenever you want, and both unlimited and completely free sauces. Moreover, it brings its satisfaction to the highest level by offering an indispensable burger feast with fast and high quality table service to its guests hosted in its stylish lobby areas.

The mouth-watering flavors of the grill fire are enriched with Carl's Jr.'s giant and satisfying burgers prepared with 100% beef. It brings the taste of gourmet burgers prepared “a la minute” with daily, fresh ingredients specially for the guests as soon as the order arrives, to real burger lovers with its Fast-Casual service.

Carl's Jr. brings together burger meatballs, which are prepared from 100% beef and cooked on the grill fire with methods exclusive to Carl's Jr., with other unique flavors and special sauces. Western BBQ, where burger patties are combined with smoked meat and barbecue sauce, and Memphis Burger, where roasted beef and special sauces come together, are among the mouth-watering star flavors.

The Portobello Burger, which brings together the delicious mushroom taste, and the Jalapeno Burger, which is the pinnacle of the spicy taste, where jalapeno peppers are blended with Santa Fe sauce, offer options to those who care about different tastes.

Unlimited drinks and unlimited sauces...

The unlimited beverage service offered by Carl's Jr. gives its guests the freedom to drink as much as they want from any beverage they want. In addition, the unlimited presentation of different sauce types and the fact that there is no charge for extra sauces initiates a new Fast-Casual era with an above-the-ordinary concept.

Not self service, table service...

Carl's Jr. does not keep its guests waiting! Orders taken at the counter are delivered to Carl's Jr. in the freshest and hottest way within a few minutes as soon as they are received. It is served to the table by the staff.