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Financial Issues

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Carl's Jr. Operator. Established in California in 1941, Carl's Jr., with its more than 10,000 restaurants, serves worldwide from North America, Mexico to China, New Zealand to the Middle East. The brand, which holds the title of the fastest growing burger restaurant chain in the world, is also the leader with its innovative and original burger varieties.

It introduces Turkish consumers to the concept of fast-casual burger for the first time with its large and satisfying burgers, unlimited drinks, table service in stylish lobby areas, and free additional sauce. Having opened its first restaurant in Cevahir in 2011, Carl's Jr. is a rapidly developing global burger chain, with 14 own-stores and 22 restaurants in Turkey, 8 of which are sub-franchises. Carl's Jr. is growing rapidly in the Turkish market, thanks to its hamburgers that are prepared "a la minute" with first-class, quality ingredients and high customer satisfaction. Persons or companies are entitled to operate commercially in the restaurant they own and under the umbrella of the Carl's Jr. brand in accordance with the terms of the franchise agreement. The restaurants to be franchised; all construction, decoration and equipment supply is carried out by Fet Restoran İşletmeleri A.Ş., adhering to the specifications set by Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC. will be carried out by Restaurant locations and designs will be agreed upon by the candidate and Fet Restaurant, with the approval of Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC.

Necessary investment for the franchise; It includes items such as all construction, decoration and equipment expenses, initial franchise fee and all pre-opening costs (training, marketing, pre-opening rent). Trainings to be given in order to fully understand the needs of the brand; Fet Restoran İşletmeleri A.Ş. will be provided by.

Our ideal candidate as an operator; The entrepreneur should have the necessary financial resources to be an investor and operator, as well as having experience in restaurant business, aiming at high customer satisfaction.

Thank you again for your interest in Carl's Jr.


Fet Restaurant Operations Inc.
Operator of Carl's Jr. Restaurants