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When our teammates are happy, our guests are also happy, and our teammates Carl's Jr. are the true stars of its success.

We are proud of it.

We are waiting for you to meet you and make you the star of the team.

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Carl's Jr. as Turkey, we are growing day by day.

Two important factors that ensure the satisfaction of our guests coming to our restaurants; being able to eat quality food and smiling happy employee profile. Thanks to our human resources policy, which is constantly developing by giving importance to enjoying the work they do while working, to strengthen communication by adapting to teamwork, and thus to increase employee loyalty, the main reason why all our steps towards the future are solid-based is our valuable teammates who work with us, who are Carl's Jr. 's Stars.

Age, gender, race, etc. of our stars. We provide the opportunity to work without any discrimination in demographic characteristics. If you are successful, it is inevitable that you will become a star, and we give everyone on our team the opportunity to rise in Carl's Jr. We respect everyone who is self-confident, determined, hardworking and productive.

We are proud that everyone who protects the values ​​of our brand, has strong communication, is open to continuous development and will shine a light on the members of the team with their high energy, works with us.

Our current positions on the operation side:
Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager, Shift Manager, Kitchen Chef, Service Chef, Kitchen Staff, Service Staff

Our current departments on the Head Office side:
Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, IT, Purchasing, Supply Chain/Logistics, Project, Cost Control, Marketing&PR, Executive Assistantship